Walleye Season is Almost Here

As April cruises by my favorite time of year quickly approaches. The first Saturday in May you will be able to find the Ranger somewhere on Oneida Lake.

That being said I have been busy getting everything ready. Rods have new line. Lures organized. New spinner rigs and buck tail jigs are tied. I had the pleasure of helping a friend out the other day with a brown trout trip on Lake Ontario. This was a great chance to test run all the gear before walleye season gets here.

The Salmon River was blown out and my friend Wayne Weber (Wayne-o’s Guide Service) asked if I could give him a had putting his clients on a few fish. We didn’t just put them on a few we had a great day hooking around 18 and landing 13. Twelve browns and one smallmouth bass. The first fish was hooked before we had our third rod in the water. Our three guests were nothing but smiles all day.

Walleye fishing on Oneida lake is looking to be very good this season. The returns to the hatchery were impressive to say the least. The start of the season should see many fish being caught near the creek mouths as the cold weather is just starting to let go now. This is a great time of year to troll crankbaits around those creek mouths. This allows you to cover water until you locate a good area. Once you find fish you can troll back and forth over them offering a variety of baits at the same time.

If you would like to get out on Oneida Lake walleye fishing with Full Tank Charters this season give me a call or send me an email.

Duggan with his personal best brow trout while fishing Lake Ontario
A nice double for the guys while brown trout fishing Lake Ontario
Shimano reels can’t be beat while fishing Lake Ontario

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