I accommodate you @ Full Tank Charters

When you call to book a trip I will do everything I can to accommodate your needs. I will always tell you the truth about the ideal times, conditions, or techniques. That being said I am willing to do what needs to be done to get you on the water.

Yesterday was a perfect example of this. Dominick, Kyle and Guy wanted to go walleye fishing and 11 to 3 was when they were available. As you probably know this is not the prime time for fishing not only on Onieda but as a general rule everywhere.

Dom has a tough time getting around as he uses a scooter. We got him into the boat and ready for a great day of high noon fishing.

The bite was tough as expected but we still managed a couple limits and lots of smiles. Fish were taken trolling worm harnesses in 35 feet of water.

Want to get out walleye fishing but your schedule isn’t ideal? Give me a call. I will find a time slot that works for you and we will put some fish in the boat.

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