Take a kid fishing

When I started my Oneida Lake Walleye charter there was one aspect I didn’t realize how much fun it would be doing family trips like the one I had on Monday.  It was father and his two kids. Seeing those kids smile as they caught fish after fish made my day. We ended up with 11 walleye and 2 big perch.  

Seeing them catch those fish made me realize walleye are the perfect fish for most kids to target on a charter.  Chances are a 15 to 20+” walleye will be the longest fish they have caught. Let’s face it walleye are sought out for their table far not their fight so even younger kids can have fun catching a very big to them fish.  

Oneida Lake walleye are often very happy to provide steady action keeping kids entertained. Keeping them entertained is the most important part of taking a kid fishing after all.  My boat is set up to be very safe for kids. (see pictures in the gallery) While Oneida Lake can get very rough at times, most days there is calm water to fish at one end or the other. 

If you want to get your kid out for something larger than sunfish that will taste great for dinner that night give me a call and get a trip booked today. 



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