Lake Erie Walleye Fishing

Last week some friends and I took a trip out to Lake Erie. Erie is probably the only place I like more than Oneida.

If you take the average Oneida fish and add 5 inches you have the average Lake Erie walleye. The catch rate is very close on both lakes. Some days on Erie we average more fish other less than what we do on Oneida Lake.

The biggest difference between the lakes is the wind. You don’t want to make the trip to Erie for just one day. If you plan for 5 days you hopefully will get to fish 3. When the wind blows Erie gets very mean.

As for the taste I can’t compare as I have never ate a walleye out of Lake Erie.

Oneida Lake Fishing Report 11/7/20

Today’s trip was a last minute booking. This time of year that is more than acceptable as the weather can be unpredictable. Victor wanted to get his 2 kids out fishing on this gorgeous day.

Taking kids fishing is something I strongly support. Matthew and Avenir we nothing but smiles all day. At the end of their four hour charter they had a boat limit to take home and many more released to filet another day.

Oneida Lake walleye fishing has been very consistent this year. This fall it has been nothing short of amazing most days. I will be fishing until the snow flies so if you want to get out on the water give me a call.

All good things must come to an end…just not yet

They say all good things come to an end. Unfortunately this unbelievable walleye season will be coming to an end here in the future.

I am still running trips until the snow flies. The fall bite has been very good as usual. The weather this time of year is unpredictable so appropriate clothing is a must. You want to dress in layers to make sure you stay warm.

All that being said I welcome last minute bookings this time of year. If you want to set something up tentatively based on weather I will gladly work with you to ensure an enjoyable day on the water.

I anticipate a great bite through the remaining open water season. Gibe me a call to set up a great day on the water. I have included some pictures from my recent fall trips.

Oneida Lake Walleye Fishing

When they said they expected this years walleye fishing on Oneida lake to be even better than last years I thought they were crazy. Last years fishing was unbelievable. Turns out they were right. The fishing has been hot all summer.

Don’t get me wrong it has been a grind a times. It hasn’t been just drop a line in anywhere and catch fish. These fish school up and move together. I have had to spend a lot of time on the water to stay on top of them. Many days prefishing for trips or going out before the customers arrive to make sure the fish are where I think they are. It also helps to have great friends that let me know when conditions change if I am not out that day.

I have been blessed to have many great customers this summer. Almost all of which I have sent home with a limit of tasty fillets.

That being said the fishing might get a little tougher as we get into the end of August. Not to worry I will be on the water multiple days a week to stay on the fish. We will still get fish we will just have to work a little harder for them is all.

September and October the fishing will get easier again as the walleye put the feed bag on before winter. I do have open fall dates but the best ones are filling up. Give me a call to get in on the action.

Oneida Lake Walleye Fishing Report 8/5/20

Today I had the pleasure if guiding Adam and Rich. The Lake was not what you would call happy. It was a bumby ride for sure. Lucky for us the walleye didn’t care what was going on on the surface and were very hungry. They left with a limit of walleye filets and many more were released.

Oneida Lake walleye fishing

The walleye fishing on Oneida Lake has remained excellent. Over the last 2 weeks I have had a bunch of excellent trips. All of which have ended with limits of walleye in the livewell.

A few days ago Chris Scriba asked me to help him with a 2 boat trip. We both used different techniques but eneded with the same results. Our guests went home with piles of filets to enjoy.

If you would like to get in on the action I still have some openings and will be fishing well into the fall.

Oneida Lake Fishing Report 7/22/20

Last night I met a great couple and we had a fantastic evening of walleye fishing on Oneida Lake.

Dave and Deb booked a four hour charter with me for last evening. We had a great time trolling up a total of 16 walleye, 12 of which we keeper size fish.

The fish have moved a bit but are still actively feeding. The mornings and evenings have been the best bites but we are catching fish throughout the day. Typical walleye trolling set ups such as worm harnesses are getting the job done.

If you want in on the action give me a call. Don’t wait until the last minute as dates are booking up at a steady rate.

Oneida lake fishing report 7/10/20

The walleye fishing on Oneida Lake is still hot hot hot. Both trolling and jigging are taking fish. I have dates available if you want in on the action.

Last night Rob and Jesse met me at the launch to find a very stiff east wind. With the rough lake I gave them the option to reschedule or fish. They weren’t scared of the wind and waves so we fished.

We started out trolling which produced numerous walleye. The trolling bite slowed a bit so we decided to try jigging. It was the right decision as we put the rest of our limit in the boat on jigs.

Oneida Lake fishing report 6/28/20

This morning started of with lightening. We waited at the launch for it to pass then headed out on very calm water. Today’s trip was 4 guys so I had Wayne Weber running the second boat for me.

We both headed to different spots using different techniques to see which was best. Turned out to be a slower than expected bite for both of us. That being said between trolling cranks and worms Mike, Will, David, and Tony all left with their limits of walleye. They also took home a few bonus fish.

Overall it was a great day with excellent customers. The weather was better then expected and that is always a plus. I have dates available in the near future if you want to get out walleye fishing on Oneida Lake.

Weekend Oneida Lake Fishing Report 6/22/20

The mayfly hatch was in full swing this past weekend. If you are familiar with Oneida Lake walleye fishing then you know that means its time to troll the mud flats.

I had a great trip with Mike, Derek, and Ryan catching walleye and perch on spinners in 30 to 40 feet of water. Trolling a spinner and a worm took the majority of the bites. Jigging the typical baits such as blade baits and bucktails is also taking some eyes.

I have dates available if you want to get out and catch some fish. You won’t find better eating freshwater fish then walleye and perch.